what's FlickUp?


"FlickUp enables your customers to talk about your products and share them easily and quickly."

The FlickUp platform helps your business grow by helping your customers talk about your product with their family and friends. simply put, your customers become your virtual sales agents.


"FlickUp enables your customers to buy your products directly from you. no fuss. no middle man."

On FlickUp your customers can browse your products and buy them. Our easy-to-use system means you can choose how to receive orders and ensure that FlickUp meets your needs.


"FlickUp makes it possible for you to reward your sales agents for selling your product to their family and friends."

With FlickUp points you can finally reward your customers for acting as sales agents. easily and automatically. Your customers can then use their FlickUp points to buy their favourite products from the app. If they buy your product with points, you get paid.

app overview

FlickUp is free for their customers, but it doesn't end there! Read on to see what the app does…


users share products with their friends & family


users earn points when their friends buy



Simple and easy to use



users buy products via the app directly



users use the points to buy their favourite products



users receive their favourite products direct from expert merchants

the features

FlickUp has plenty of features to help get your customers sharing your products fast.


simple and easy to use system with great support


upload your products and edit them easily & quickly


track Flicks, upload, edit & view products


display your name and logo on the FlickUp app to ensure consumers know where their products are coming from.


tight integration with your existing commerce system is available meaning orders can appear as normal orders on your system


with FlickUp you can use your existing customers to reach new consumers

Frequently asked questions

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How do I join FlickUp?

Hi there it’s great to see you! If you would like to join in and get your customers doing some advertising for you just click on the sign up button on the FlickUp merchant website and follow the steps!

What fees are there on FlickUp?

We try to keep our fees as low as possible, as such our only fee is 3% of each sale. However you should also factor in the reward and discount in the costs. There is also an optional e-commerce integration fee of £320 in order to seamlessly integrate FlickUp with your e-commerce platform. Finally, in order to be as safe and secure as possible, we use PayPal to handle our transactions, PayPal charge some fees for use of their system which can be found here.

Where is FlickUp available?

For the moment FlickUp is only available in the UK. However we’re looking to take it to new countries soon, so keep checking and we’ll keep you up-to-date. Otherwise follow us on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest news.

How can I receive orders made on FlickUp?

We want to make your life as easy as possible, so we’ve come up with two solutions. 1. Via seamless integration of your e-commerce system with ours, you can receive orders directly onto your system without any effort on your part. The orders will appear on your system like they just came from your own online shop! 2. Via email. Our system will send you an email notification every time an order is generated with all the necessary information.

Can I sell products with alcohol on FlickUp?

Yes, yes and yes! However, to sell any alcohol product you have to ensure your company complies with licensing and advertising laws on alcohol in your country.

What do I need to be able to sell on FlickUp?

In order to be able to sell products on FlickUp you need be able to fulfil orders via post and have a PayPal account. You will also need good quality images of all your products.

What products am I not allowed to sell on FlickUp?

Initially we are looking for products in the food and beverages market, if you are unsure as to whether your product could be put on FlickUp please get in touch. Any products listed on FlickUp must comply with UK law.

Is there a FlickUp website for consumers to view my products?

Currently FlickUp doesn’t have a website version of the app where customers can view, share and buy your products. This is because we like our users sharing your products in a face-to-face environment where they can share their passion for your products!

What payment system is used on FlickUp?

We use PayPal as our payment system due to their high standards of security. Like all other payment systems PayPal charge a rate to both you and us to use their system, this rate should be included in your cost of sales.

How and when do I get paid?

Payment for your goods is instant, our system works hand-in-hand with PayPal to ensure you receive your money as soon as a buyer completes payment.

What if I find my copyrighted image of a product being used by another merchant?

As much as we are not responsible for the content that our merchants upload, we take any copyright infringement very seriously, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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"FlickUp is one of the most interesting innovations in the world of wine in recent years. Finally Word-of-Mouth and social interactions that occur around our wines can be tracked and incentivised."

Whisper Vines

"We love the concept and execution behind FlickUp, a clean and simple interface along with the potential to expand our customer base make for a winning recipe."

John Gordons

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