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How does FlickUp work?

We like to think of FlickUp as a platform for you to tell people about products you're excited about. With FlickUp you can share your favourite products and get rewarded when your friends or family buy them. We curate the products and merchants that are on the app and ensure that everything works smoothly. All orders are sent direct to our reputable merchants as soon as you buy something on FlickUp.

Is it free?

FlickUp is free for you to download and use on your device. You only pay for products you buy. Simple.

Where is FlickUp available?

For the moment FlickUp is only available in the UK. However we’re looking to take it to new countries soon, so keep checking and we’ll keep you up-to-date. Otherwise follow us on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest news.

What devices can I use FlickUp on?

Currently you can download the app on Apple iOS devices (e.g. iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.). But never fear, we’re working on a shiny, new Android app too! So follow us on social media and we’ll keep you up to date on our progress.

How do the points work?

It couldn’t be easier: you receive FlickUp points when someone you have recommended (Flicked) a product to, buys the product. As soon as they have bought the product, you will receive points. When you have enough points, you can use them to buy whatever delicious product strikes your fancy on our App, without paying a penny. See? Easy!

What kind of products can I find on FlickUp?

Good question. We focus on food and drinks products, because lets be honest, who doesn't love eating and drinking? We’re constantly working hard to expand our range of merchants here at FlickUp, meaning new products for you to share with your friends and family. If there’s something you would like to see please get in touch and we’ll do our best to get a merchant with the product on board the app!

What is a Flick?

We have some strange words floating around the app, but fear not, they’re just descriptive! A Flick simply means a product that has been shared, i.e. sent to a friend or family member. We call it a Flick because that’s the action you use to send a product in the app.

Is it safe to buy on FlickUp?

We do not share any information with third parties. Ever. The only information sent to the relevant party is of course the orders you place, these are sent only to the relevant merchant so they can send you your items. We also do not keep any payment information at all, all payments are secured through Stripe, one of the world’s most trusted online payment systems.

What payment system is used on FlickUp?

We use Stripe as our payment system due to their high standards of security.

Getting Started

Where do I sign up?

Glad to see you're excited! You’ll be happy to know its very easy. Simply download the FlickUp app onto your mobile iOS device and follow the registration steps!

How do I pay for products?

We’ve kept it simple. Once you have selected the product and its relevant options (e.g. size) on the app you can add it to your basket or directly head to the checkout. Once at the checkout hit “Buy Now!” and follow Stripe’s instructions.

How can I add/invite friends to FlickUp?

Connecting with your friends on FlickUp is a quick process. First of all, head to the “person” icon on the bottom menu, from there use the search bar to find a friend and add them via their profile page. To invite someone, just head to the “person” icon on the bottom menu and then tap on the address book icon on the top sub menu, then select “invite a friend to join FlickUp”.

Sharing Products

How do I Flick products?

This is the fun bit! Just find the product you wish to share, go onto its page by tapping on the image or the name of the product. From there simply Flick the blue face up towards the top of the device. As you do this you will see a few options appear: the first one is to send it to the person closest to you, the second is to send it to other people near you and lastly you can send it to someone further away, be it in a different town, city or even half way around the world!

My friends/family aren’t next to me, can I still send Flicks?

Yes! Whilst we love being face-to-face with our family and friends and sharing the latest awesome product we found, we know that sometimes its just not possible. So we’ve made it easy to send Flicks to people that you are friends with who aren't necessarily next to you.

Can I send a product to someone I am not friends with on FlickUp?

In order to reduce spamming and make sure people genuinely know each other, we only allow Flicks to be sent to people you are friends with. But don’t worry, adding and inviting friends is so easy that you won’t even bat an eyelid.

The Products

Who am I buying products from, FlickUp or merchants?

We’re not Amazon, so we have no products to sell or warehouses to store them in. But you can think of us as a platform similar to Amazon’s third party sellers. FlickUp is simply the platform that enables you to share products with others, buy products and also receive rewards. We rather like this system as it means you buy and receive items directly from small, reliable companies (with great products!) that we have built a relationship with.

What if I’d like to see a new merchant on FlickUp?

Just let us know and we’ll do our best to get the merchant you love on FlickUp so you can share your favourite products.

Can I buy and recommend (Flick) products with alcohol on FlickUp

Yes, yes and yes! However, to buy any alcohol product you have to be over the legal age, in the UK that’s 18.


How do deliveries work?

When you buy a product you have to choose the delivery option you would like. The merchant is then informed and they take care of delivering your item to you.

My FlickUp Profile

Why do I need to make a profile?

Your FlickUp profile helps your friends to find you easily, add you so they can send you products and also save an address for your orders to be sent to. We keep all of your information safe and never share your profile data with third parties. Only your order details and address are sent to the merchant you placed an order with, so they know what to send and where to send it.

How can I update my delivery address?

You can update your delivery address via the side menu on the app. Just tap on the “My Address”option on the left hand side menu and update the details. Then tap on the tick to save the changes.

Getting Help

I have an issue with my product, what can I do?

If you have a problem with your product please contact the merchant directly, alternatively we can help you contact the merchant, simply get in touch and let us know the problem.

How do I organise a return?

To return any products to the merchants please get in touch directly with the merchant. Merchants outline their returns and cancellation policies on the product pages under the box labelled “terms and conditions”. If you have any issues with the merchant then please contact us and we will help resolve any further issues.

How do I cancel my purchase?

If you would like to return a product please contact the merchant directly, alternatively we can help you contact the merchant, simply get in touch and let us know the problem.

I can’t log in to the app, what should I do?

Please ensure you are using the correct email and password. Otherwise you can click on the “forgotten password?” link and we’ll send you a new password you can access your account with. We then recommend changing your password.

I can't see any products and i’m seeing a sad face…

If this happens please check your internet connection, should this continue please check our social media accounts for updates on any issues, alternatively please contact us

Have a question that’s not covered?

Please get in touch we love to help! You can also contact us on our Twitter page or Facebook page.